DOOM Bundle Available For Hellish 66.6% Off

Experience the most iconic first-person shooter of all time, and conquer the depths of hell itself! Proving itself as a cornerstone of the first person shooter genre, the DOOM series has sold more than 10 million copies throughout its lifetime. Now is your chance experience history, and take advantage of the jaw-breaking sales on the highly acclaimed DOOM series by Bethesda. Starting immediately, you have the opportunity to pick up multiple DOOM titles from one of two packages, marking the best price in DOOM’s long history. Total savings will tally up to an infernal, yet appropriate, 66.6% off of retail!

This unbelievable sale is offered exclusively from Fanatical and is only available for a limited time. Fanatical, known for its killer deals, huge selection, and 5-star rating has not let us down with this diabolical steal. Tier one will score you a copy of the overwhelmingly positive rated (%97 recent reviews on Steam) 2016 DOOM for $9.99! With a retail price of $29.99, this deal brings buyers frighteningly close to the nefarious 66.6% mark of savings. The second tier will include DOOM (2016) along with DOOM classic and DOOM 3 (BFG Edition) together, for the total price of $19.99. With a complete retail value of $64.97, tier two sets the precedent for diabolical savings. It would almost be a sin to miss out.

This bloodbath of savings will only last until Monday, December 4, so take advantage now! Check out this deal and more now at Fanatical’s online store. Are you a skeptic and can’t believe these deals are real? Check retail prices along with thousands of reviews on Steam. Never before has DOOM been available for such devilish prices. This deal will bring you to the gates, but it will be left to you to quell what lies beyond the depths of hell. Good Luck.

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