Get Your Holiday Laughs With Human: Fall Flat’s Holiday Update

The hilariously fun indie title, Human: Fall Flat’s long-awaited holiday update is finally available. Play a new multiplayer mode along with 7 friends and unlock a multitude holiday gifts. Gifts will be received by players working together to collect a slew of hidden presents tucked in the crannies of a new playable level. If the countless number of holiday laughs isn’t enough of a gift, players will also be awarded new skins to customize their “Bobs” (characters). If somehow that still isn’t enough, Human: Fall Flat developers promise a mystery surprise for those groups of friends who can collect enough gifts! The only hint on the prizes contents came from Curve Digital’s Product Manager who states “it could be one of the most requested things in Human: Fall Flat History!”

If you have missed out on the Human: Fall Flat experience, it has become a must play multiplayer adventure. Since the game’s multiplayer update on October 30, 2017, it now carries an overwhelmingly positive rating of 96% on Steam. Players control an average, powerless Bob, and have to navigate through puzzle-filled levels. The only ability Bob has is to reach out, grab, and pick up whatever is around him, including his friends. The key to the hilarity of Human: Fall Flat comes from how the player reacts with the game’s physics. Players will find themselves stuck in an abundance of comical situations, limited only by the tears of laughter filling their eyes.

Human: Fall Flat has unorthodox humor tied into every aspect of its gameplay, including character customization. Unlike many games created by independent studios, Human: Fall flat sports an exceptionally open customization system. Pick from a selection of costumes and decorate them any way you want, and I mean any way. The game includes a paint system allowing for limitless possibilities throughout character creation, but that’s not all. The game also includes a face scan feature. Using a webcam, Human: Fall Flat will scan your face and place it amusingly upon your Bob. The face scan greatly adds to the hilarity of each Bob and is highly recommended.

Since its initial release in July of 2016, Human: Fall Flat has done nothing but improve an already great product. The only real criticism is the desire for more content, and even that is being addressed. The holiday update is adding even more gut-busting humor, giving the Bobs yet another adventure to awkwardly explore. If you have already fully enjoyed the multiplayer antics of Human: Fall Flat, don’t forget to gather up some holiday joy with your fellow Bobs this season.

Check out the game’s Steam page for more info as more updates proceed to come out. Remember to log on and enjoy the newest Human: Fall Flat update. Collect gifts, collect laughs, and spread holiday joy all at the same time. Happy holidays with Humans: Fall Flat.


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