Cuphead's new patch fixed some exploits. Now it's even more difficult.

Cuphead’s New Patch Fixed Some Exploits. Now It’s Even More Difficult

Did you think Cuphead was a difficult game? Well, in this case developers from Studio MDHR have some great news for you. With the new patch they fixed a vast majority of known bugs and exploits which allowed common players and speedrunners to sometimes get a quite unexpected advantage.

Have you beaten that nasty dragon only with the divine help of weapon swap? Or perhaps you’ve managed to make that insidious casino boss finally gave up his soul contracts the similar way? Then you will definitely appreciate the latest patch’s improvements when going for a new game.

Jokes aside, the new patch, although not bringing any actual content boasts a ton of fixes. The majority of the most well-known bugs we all saw in those crazy speedruns on YouTube became history. Of course, there are a lot of minor fixes as well, whether it is an incorrect display of the bosses’ remaining health points or projectiles flying to nowhere.


Such bugs could help in getting through the most annoying bosses.
Such bugs could help in getting through the most annoying bosses.

It is really cool that the developers continue to work on the game even after all the acclaim they got. The only thing we absolutely need at this point is a true old-school add-on that will take us once more to the funny, complex and fascinating scenes of Inkwell Isle.

Cuphead is a universally acclaimed 2D platformer designed in the style of 30s cartoons. The game has won the praise from both players and critics due to its complexity and impeccable style. Moreover, there are numerous references to the games and cartoons of the past for the geeks to uncover. Cuphead is available on Windows and Xbox, so definitely go ahead and grab one in case you haven’t yet.

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