Taking The “SHUMP” To A New Dimension – Dimension Drive Available Now

The “Shoot ‘Em Up” or “SHUMP” game genre is an entertainment style nearly as old as gaming itself. As the gaming industry as a whole is slowly growing distant from its roots, there are those who seek to revitalize and reinvent the stylings of old, creating something fresh and exciting. After a daunting Kickstarter setback, indie developers David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago of 2Awesome Studio have done just that. Introducing the long-awaited title, Dimension Drive. Available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam, Dimension Drive’s aim is to change how players view and ultimately play SHUMPs. Using mechanics and features never before seen in the genre, Dimension Drive may have done just that.

Shoot ‘Em Ups have a number of staple qualities seen across the entire genre. Dimension Drive takes those vital qualities and amplifies them to a whole new dynamic level. Some key features include four difficulty modes, several unlockable weapons, a lengthy 13 level campaign with another 13 bonus missions, and a vibrant, comic book inspired art style. Also offering full controller support as well as split-screen couch co-op it’s possible to experience this multidimensional adventure with your friends. But there is even more.

Dimension Drive adds a number of key mechanics designed revolutionize how SHUMPs are played. The most obvious of these characteristics is the “Dual-Battlefield” concept. Players will be playing through not one, but two vertical levels at the same time. Pilots will have the ability to teleport back and forth between the two dimensions, forcing them to strategically time their movements in order to survive. Don’t teleport too often, because you need to have collected enough Dimension Drive energy to be able to teleport at all. Use tact and precision along with strategic shooting to navigate the real-time puzzles and ultimately defeat the ultimate threat.

The interdimensional title Dimension Drive is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam starting now! The starting price tag is a respectable $12.99 (USD), but if you act now you can receive an additional 10% off until December 14, 2017, on Steam only. For more information check out 2Awesome Studio’s website, or visit Dimension Drive’s Steam and Nintendo Switch pages. It’s time to discover an unknown dimension of the Shoot ‘Em Up genre. Grab a friend and embark an experience that’s out of this dimension.


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