PUBG Desert Map Now Live Complete With New Weapons, Vehicles, Improvements

The long-awaited new map for PUBG is now finally playable on the game’s test servers. Known as Miramar, the new map introduces desert environments along with several new additions and improvements. Miramar will be the only map available to PUBG players during phase 1 of testing while the old map can still be played on the regular servers. Phase 1 kicked off earlier today and will run until December 10th at 11:00 AM CET. An additional testing phase has already been confirmed, but a release date has not been announced just yet.

Miramar brings to the table three new weapons in the form of the R45 handgun, Win94 lever-action rifle, and Sawed-Off Shotgun. All three weapons spawn in the world and can be found fairly frequently. In addition to the weapons, PUBG players can also expect to find a new care package exclusive suit known as Ghillie. In terms of new vehicles, be on the lookout for a six-seat Van, a four-seat off-road Pickup truck, and a two-seat Aquarail. Some of the other vehicles found throughout Erangel like the Jeep and Dacia are not available on Miramar. However, players can still find Buggies and Motorcycles, albeit with different skins.

The latest test version of PUBG also comes with various technical improvements and interesting changes to gameplay mechanics. Vaulting, one of the most anticipated features, is now finally available. Just as its name suggests, vaulting lets players jump over obstacles and makes the game feel a lot more dynamic. Another important addition is the killcam. Similar to a lot of other competitive games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now features a killcam that allows players to re-watch themselves getting wasted from the other perspective. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. The killcam is actually a very useful tool that can give players some very useful information and potentially help them improve how they approach certain situations in the future.

PUBG players who are more interested in solid performance than gameplay changes will be happy to know that the game generally runs smoother on the test servers. Given that this is phase 1 of testing, bugs are crashes are still likely to occur, though. In terms of general FPS stability, however, PUBG feels significantly better now and lag is less of a concern. There’s still work to be done, but this is an important step forward nevertheless. With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds version 1.0 scheduled to launch later this month, we can only hope that the game will run even better by the time it finally leaves Early Access.

PUBG version 1.0 is scheduled to launch on December 20th. The full list of patch notes for the current test version can be found on Steam. But if you’d rather skip all the reading, just head over to the test servers and check out Miramar right now.

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