PUBG New Test Server Patch Adds Replays Menu, Changes Certain Weapons

PUBG is scheduled to finally leave Steam Early Access next week, as was revealed last week during The Game Awards 2017. The consensus right now is that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds still has a lot of problems that will require fixing in the weeks and months to come. Luckily, though, the developers definitely seem to be well aware of this fact. After launching the new desert map along with a number of improvements last week, Bluehole have announced earlier today that players can expect a new patch the next time they launch PUBG.

The latest patch is currently only available on the test build, however, most if not all of the changes are expected to make their way to the regular servers alongside version 1.0. One of the most important changes that came with the patch is the introduction of a Replays menu. Just as its name indicates, this is a feature that allows PUBG players to save and watch replays of their most recent games directly from the lobby. It’s worth noting that players will have to enable this feature from the Options menu before they can make use of it. According to the patch notes, the Replay function can record up to 1 Km around the player and can save up to 20 replays.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, Bluehole revealed a few other changes and fixes. One of the most interesting changes is related to the Win94, a new lever-action rifle exclusive to Miramar. The rifle is quite powerful but also rather difficult to use, especially for novice PUBG players. The Win94 should now be a bit easier to wield, however, as players can equip it with Bullet Loops and a Red Dot whereas before the rifle couldn’t be equipped with any add-ons. The developers also added a new animation for the rifle. Other weapons that underwent slight changes include the Kar98k, M24, and Vector.

Players who are still confused about where to look for items on PUBG’s new map will be happy to know that Bluehole made some changes to this aspect as well. While they didn’t mention a whole lot of details regarding the changes, the developers did state that item spawn rates have been optimized for the Miramar area. Meanwhile, if you’re still playing on the old map it’s worth noting that foggy and rainy weather have been removed from Erangel on the test build. It’s unclear why, but hopefully this is one of the changes that will not make it into version 1.0 as PUBG would be a little less interesting without the randomized weather.

PUBG version 1.0 is scheduled to launch on PC this Wednesday, December 20th. The test servers will remain online until launch so be sure to check out the new map if you haven’t already.

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