Oxenfree and Layers of Fear Are Two Other Free Games You Can Add to Your Collection

We’ve seen a lot of companies giving away free games lately and it looks like the gifts just keep coming. This time around, you can get your hands on two great titles in the form of Oxenfree and Layers of Fear. There’s no catch per say, however, these offers will only be available for a limited time so you may want to hurry if you’re interested in these two freebies.

First up is Oxenfree, a supernatural indie adventure game that received a lot of praise for its art style. You can grab Oxenfree from GOG at no cost whatsoever for the next 48 hours or so. While you’re there, it may be worth checking out GOG’s Winter Sale too. If you do decide to buy something, it’s worth noting that GOG is also giving away free copies of Hard West and Master of Orion for anyone who spends at least $15 or $40, respectively, during The Winter Sale.

In addition to Oxenfree, you can currently also get your hands on the psychological horror game Layers of Fear along with its soundtrack. This freebie comes courtesy of Humble Bundle and will remain free for another 26 hours or so as of this writing. Unlike Oxenfree, which can only be redeemed on GOG, Layers of Fear can be activated and played on Steam. Simply head over to Humble Bundle, log in, and grab a free key while the promotion is still ongoing. Unsurprisingly, Humble Bundle are also hosting a winter sale, with discounts going as high as 80% off for certain titles, especially indies. If you already own Layers of Fear it might be worth checking out the Humble Store to see what else they have on offer.

If indies like Oxenfree and Layers of Fear are not your cup of tea and you prefer AAA titles, you can currently also get the original Watch Dogs for free. The game is only redeemable on UPlay until December 23rd.

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