Civilization VI and DLC Available for Only $12 With the Latest Humble Monthly Bundle

Humble Bundle continues to be one of the best places to get great games, e-books, software packs and more, all at extremely reasonable prices. But in addition to their already well-known bundles, the website also offers a subscription service known as Humble Monthly. While there are plenty of similar services out there, Humble Monthly arguably offers the best bang for the buck right now. For only $12 a month, Humble Monthly subscribers can get a handful of games totally well over $100 or even $200 in some cases. The latest bundle, for example, offers Sid Meier’s Civilization VI along with two DLC packs as early unlocks, with the rest of the titles to be revealed early next month.

The caveat with Humble Monthly is that gamers have to pay in advance for the bundle and won’t know its full contents until the start of each month when the games are delivered. On the bright side, the titles that are revealed will be unlocked early and can be downloaded and played as soon as they are announced. As mentioned, in this case we’re looking at Civilization Vi plus two DLCs packs in the form of the Vikings Scenario Pack and Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack. Needless to say, Civilization VI and these two DLCs are worth way more than $12 just by themselves. The total retail price is somewhere around $70 to be more specific.

Coincidentally, the first major expansion pack for Civilization VI is scheduled to launch in just a few weeks from now. Entitled Rise and Fall, the expansion will introduce a host of new content, as well as important changes to a number of core gameplay mechanics. This includes a new loyalty system, governors, enhanced alliances, and much more. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall also changes things up a bit when it comes to Golden Ages by also adding Dark Ages and Heroic Ages. Furthermore, Civ VI players can also expect no less than eight new civilizations and nine new leaders when the expansion arrives. As any long-time Civilization player knows, these games tend to get a lot better once major expansions start rolling out and it definitely looks like Rise and Fall wants to continue that trend.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is set to launch on February 8 for $30 or your regional equivalent.

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