Dontnod’s Vampyr is Getting a Four-Part Webseries Later This Month

Dontnod Entertainment, the French developers behind the highly acclaimed Life is Strange have announced a new webseries for their latest project, Vampyr. Vampyr is a gritty action RPG set to release later this year on all platforms. Needless to say, the upcoming title is very different when compared to Life is Strange and flew a bit under the radar until now. Well, perhaps the webseries will change all that as the developers are preparing a number of videos aimed at shedding more light on their upcoming title.

The series is simply entitled Dontnod Presents Vampyr and will feature four 5-minute episodes, the first of which will go live next week, January 18th. The first episode is entitled Making Monsters and will feature a behind-the-scenes look at main protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid. The rest of the webseries will continue on a weekly basis with three more episodes entitled Architects of the Obscure, Human After All, and Stories From the Dark. Judging by the teaser trailer revealed by publisher Focus Home Interactive, it looks like we can expect some pretty good production value here.

Vampyr sounds like a very interesting game in which you get to play as a conflicted doctor that leads a double life. As you can probably guess, the conflict comes from the fact that you’re not only a physician but also a vampire that needs to feed on blood in order to survive. Can you in good conscience go from curing patients during the day to slaughtering innocents during the night? To make matters worse, a nasty flu is ravaging 20th century London where the action takes place so it won’t be easy to play as a bloodthirsty night stalker while avoiding the dozens of people who are constantly begging you for help.

Vampyr was initially meant to come out in late 2017 before being pushed back due to technical issues. The game is currently scheduled to come out on all platforms sometime during Spring 2018. For more information on Vampyr keep an eye out for the upcoming webseries and check out the game’s Steam store page.

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