New Fable Title in the Works at Playground Games According to New Report

Rumors about a potential revival of the Fable series have been floating around for a while now and it’s starting to look more and more likely that there might actually be some truth to them. The latest report regarding a potential reboot or sequel comes straight from the folks over at Eurogamer whose sources claim that a new Fable title is indeed currently in the works. Said sources have not been named, however, so take this with a grain of salt for now. Having said that, the details shared by Eurogamer do align nicely with previous leaks and rumors so I’m cautiously optimistic about this new information.

The report indicates that Forza Horizon developer Playground Games is handling the project, which is said to be a story-driven open-world action RPG. If true, this would be a welcomed return to form for the series as the most recent game to use the Fable name tried to shake up the old formula and ended up failing miserably. I’m talking of course about Fable Legends, a canceled free-to-play game that never got off the ground and eventually lead to the closure of Lionhead Studios. Needless to say, Microsoft certainly made a strange decision by shutting down the studio that created Fable and then letting another developer make a Fable game.

In spite of plenty of evidence to the contrary, it seems like Microsoft is actually serious about bringing Fable back to life. According to the report, the company is assigning around 200 people to work on the new game at Playground’s recently established second office. Unfortunately, the new Fable game is likely still some years away as Playground is currently looking for more staff to fill in the ranks. It’s also probable that the developer will need to start from scratch with this one as assets related to Fable Legends are unlikely to be used for a new open-world RPG.

Playground Games doesn’t have any previous experience with RPG, however, that’s not necessarily cause for concern. As proven by Guerilla Games last year, a talented team can definitely tackle a new genre and create a great game under the right circumstances, as was the case with Horizon Zero Dawn. In fact, it is believed that Microsoft was inspired by Horizon’s success and that prompted them to drop the dreaded ‘games as a service’ model in favor of new character-driven single-player experiences. At least I hope so. If the new Fable actually turns out to be focused on multiplayer and loot boxes, the hype for this game will drop faster than EA’s stock after launching Battlefront 2.

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